Eddie Izzard - Details


Eddie IzzardEddie was born in the Year of the Tiger, February 7th in Yemen, the youngest son of John and Ella Izzard. In 1963, shortly before Britain abandoned the capital of Aden (apparently overstaying their welcome by about a hundred years), the Izzards shuffled off to Bangor in Northern Ireland. By 1967, troubles started brewing there as well, so the Izzards gathered their two boys (older brother Mark and lil' Eddie) and headed for Skewen, in South Wales. Unfortunately, troubles could not be dodged a third time and in 1968, Eddie's mum died of cancer.

"So at the age of six I went off to St John's boarding school in Porthcawl, Wales. It was run by a very pleasant man called Mr. Crump who we nicknamed 'the man from hell who we all hate'. Seeing as my Mum had just died I decided to cry relentlessly for about a year. Mr. Crump would help me along with beatings when he could fit them in."
(from 'Live at the Ambassadors')


  • 7th February 1962 - Birth