Harry Gregson-Williams - Details


HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS has created the music for such diverse films as "The Tigger Movie," "Enemy of the State," "The Match," "The Borrowers," "The Replacement Killers," "Deceiver" and "Smilla's Sense of Snow." He also collaborated with John Powell on the score for DreamWorks' "Antz."

Gregson-Williams' music will next be heard in the films "Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?," "King of the Jungle" and "The Magic of Marciano." He is also currently working on an album with Peter Distefano, the guitarist from the group Porno for Pyros.

Born in England to a musical family, Gregson-Williams earned a scholarship from the music school of St. John's College in Cambridge at the age of seven. By age 13, he had been a soloist on over a dozen records, and then earned a coveted spot at the Guildball School of Music and Drama in London.

He started his film career as an orchestrator and arranger for composer Stanley Myers. He went on to compose his first major scores for Nicolas Roeg's "Full Body Massage" and "Hotel Paradise." His early credits also include a series of shorts for the BBC, the independent "White Angel," and "The Whole Wide World," for director Dan Ireland.

His collaborations with other leading composers have resulted in Gregson-Williams providing additional music for such films as "The Rock," "Broken Arrow," "The Fan," "Muppet Treasure Island," "Armageddon" and "The Prince of Egypt."