Paul Cameron - Details


PAUL CAMERON made his major motion picture debut with Touchstone Pictures’/Jerry Bruckheimer Films’ Gone In 60 Seconds. He served as the cinematographer on the independent film Advice From a Caterpillar, which won Best Feature at the U.S. Comedy Arts Film Festival last year, and on the 1996 Sundance Film Festival entrant “the Last Supper.

Cameron has worked in television, helming the camera department on the pilots Michael Hayes for CBS and Relativity for ABC. He was also the director of photography on Showtime’s Parallel Lives and Chantilly Lace.

From his days in film school at SUNY in Purchase, Cameron has worked not only on independent and underground films, but has made a name for himself in music videos and commercials. He won an Emmy Award for Best Cinematography for NBC’s national sports campaign for the Olympics as well as a Silver Clio at Cannes for his work on a series of Healthnet spots. He has created memorable videos for such artists as David Bowie, Billy Joel, Janet Jackson and Puff Daddy to name a few.

He was born in Montreal, Canada and raised in and around New York City.


  • 30th May 1958 - Birth