Greg Grunberg - Details


Grunberg is best known as a regular on the popular "Felicity" series, on which he plays Sean, the frustrated entrepreneurial comic relief who is landlord to the cast.

The actor was seen playing the hotel security officer with Sharon Stone in "The Muse;" acting with Mel Gibson in "Forever Young;" portraying a failed date of Jennifer Aniston's in "Picture Perfect;" playing for the New Jersey Informants in "BASEketball;" acting as the sports announcer in "Senseless;" and playing one of the cousins in "The Pallbearer." He acted with fellow "Hollow Man" cast members Elisabeth Shue in "Trigger Effect" and Joey Slotnick in "Dinner & Driving," an award-winning HBO film.

His latest feature films include "At Sachem Farm" with Minnie Driver and "With Friends Like These," produced by Penny Marshall.

His television debut was in "Stolen: One Husband." His other TV movies include "Frankenstein: College Years" and "Dean Koontz's Mr. Murder." In addition to two seasons on "Felicity," he has had recurring roles on "Melrose Place," "Murphy Brown" and "Flying Blind." Other small-screen credits include "Diagnosis Murder," "Vengeance Unlimited," "Oh Baby," "Rescue 77," "Jersey," "Players," "Alright Already," "Ned & Stacey" and "Relativity."

Earlier in his career, Grunberg acted in several high-profile television commercials, including one so memorable it landed him on "The Tonight Show."