Anthony Waller - Details


Waller became a student at the National Film School in 1978, their youngest-ever pupil, and in 1981 John Schlesinger awarded him the Shakespeare Scholarship, enabling him to spend a further year at a film school in Germany. In the early 80's Waller worked in Germany as an editor on commercials, pop promos and features.

In 1995 Waller earned universal acclaim for this feature film debut MUTE WITNESS, which he wrote, directed, produced and co-financed. It was released worldwide by ColumbiaTristar. He subsequently directed and executive produced AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS, which was released by Hollywood Pictures in late 1995. His most recent film is the J&M production THE GUILTY starring Bill Pullman and Devon Sawa. In 1995, he formed Cometstone with producer Richard Claus and Comet Film Managing Director Klaus Bauschulte.


  • 24th October 1959 - Birth