Viveka Davis - Details


Former child actress Viveka Davis has been making her mark as an adult in such feature films as Ed-TV, Message in a Bottle and the new Henry Jaglom film. She will next be seen in Robert Zemeckis's Castaway and she also recently took on her first role as writer/director on Drive-By Movie. Davis made her debut co-starring with Diane Keaton and Albert Finney in Shoot The Moon and her feisty, independent attitude has also been seen in films such as Joel Silver's Ricochet, Swallows, Curly Sue, A Dangerous Woman, Man Trouble, P.C.U. and Morgan Stuart's Coming Home.

On television, Davis garnered acclaim and popular notice with her tour-de-force characterization of Country & Western legend Wynorma Judd in the mini-series "Love Will Build a Bridge." Her other television credits include "Seinfeld," "ER," "NYPD Blue," "Knot's Landing," "The Single Guy," "The Outsiders" and "Call to Glory." On stage, she won a Dramalogue Award for her work in "The Homesteaders."