Don Davis - Details


Composer DON DAVIS created the distinctive score for producer Joel Silver's mega-hit "The Matrix" and will write the scores for the next two installments in the saga. He previously collaborated with the writing/directing Wachowski brothers when he scored their film "Bound." Davis will next compose the "Jurassic Park 3" score for director Joe Johnston and producer Steven Spielberg.

Davis's composing credits include "Anti-Trust," "House on Haunted Hill," "Warriors of Virtue," "Route 9," "The Lesser Evil," "Session Man" and "Blackout," as well as the telefilms "Weapons of Mass Distraction" for HBO; "Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story"; "The Lake"; "The Agency"; "A Match Made in Heaven"; "The Alibi"; "Not in This Town"; "In the Lake of the Woods"; "Leave of Absence"; "Murder of Innocence"; "A Little Piece of Heaven"; "Woman With a Past"; "Home Fires Burning"' and "A Stoning in Fulham County."


  • 4th February 1957 - Birth