Holt McCallany - Details


HOLT McCALLANY was recently featured in three high-profile films: David Fincher's "Fight Club," released by Twentieth Century Fox, Lawrence Kasdan's "Mumford" and David O. Russell's "Three Kings." He also appeared in Fincher's "Alien3," plus "Casualties of War" and "The Peacemaker."

McCallany's recent television appearances include the Fox television film "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" and James Ellroy's "Sheriff's Homicide." His past work includes roles in "Rough Riders" and "Tyson." This fall season, he will be starring in producer Joel Silver's action series "Freedom."

Born in New York, and raised in Nebraska, McCallany completed school in Ireland and studied theater in Paris. At 20, he was back in New York in the Broadway production of "Biloxi Blues," and busy ever since.