Estella Warren - Details


Estella WarrenEstella Warren, famed for her aesthetical beauty, was born 23rd December 1978, in Peterborough, Canada.

From an early age, Estella was clearly ambitious, winning National title for synchronized swimming in 1994-1996.

Opting to change her career direction, Warren ventured into the world of modeling, signed up after high school pictures were sent to an agent in New York.

After shooting for Italian Vogue, Estella fronted a Chanel no5 campaign, headed by acclaimed director Luc Besson, which propelled her into mega stardom and increased her celebrity ten-fold.

Launched as a Supermodel, and icon in the fashion world, Estella's attempt to make the transition from model to actress was successful, winning roles in Driven (2001) and Planet of the apes (2001).

Estella once dated fellow actor Kip Pardue (glass house, the (2001)].



  • 23rd December 1978 - Birth