John Wick : Movie Review

“John Wick” is a near-perfect action movie, in which they did so many things so well that it is kind of easy to overlook some of the smaller, silly flaws, things that would almost be nitpicking when compared to the great action, sweet cinematography, awesome build ups and pay offs, an interesting underworld, and the iconic bad ass character on which this whole thing is centered around, played perfectly by a guy who just doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to his body of work. Is “John Wick” the best action movie of 2014? I think that might be a given at this point, cause it really is awesome.

So there’s this guy named John Wick (Keanu Reeves) and he’s a retired hitman. At the start of the movie, his lovely wife is freshly dead due to some unnamed illness and the only thing he has left is his sweet antique muscle car. Oh, and the world’s cutest puppy, bought for him by his dying wife so he would have something to love and love him back after she had passed. And when some idiot Russian criminals decide to steal his car, beating him up and needlessly killing his puppy along the way, he finds himself a man at rock bottom, with everything he ever cared for taken away from him. What’s a retired, bereaved and wronged hitman to do in a situation like this? We all know. We’re right there with him. He makes a few inquiries, a phone call or two, he finds out the person responsible is the son of the head of the Russian mob in New York City, and, well, things escalate quickly from there.

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