24th October 2014 - Citizenfour (2014)

A documentarian and a reporter travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden. [Details]

24th October 2014 - Exists (2014)

A group of friends who venture into the remote Texas woods for a party weekend find themselves stalked by Bigfoot. [Details]

24th October 2014 - John Wick (2014)

A former hit man is pursued by an old friend who was contracted to kill him. [Details]

24th October 2014 - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

A veteran secret agent takes a young upstart under his wing. [Details]

24th October 2014 - Love, Rosie (2014)

Rosie and Alex are best friends. They are suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Can their friendship survive years and miles? Will they gamble everything for true love? [Details]

24th October 2014 - Low Down (2014)

A look at the life of pianist Joe Albany from the perspective of his young daughter, as she watches him contend with his drug addiction during the 1960s and '70s jazz scene. [Details]

24th October 2014 - Ouija (2014)

OUIJA follows a group of friends who must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board. [Details]

24th October 2014 - St. Vincent (2014)

A young boy whose parents just divorced finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic, war veteran who lives next door. [Details]

24th October 2014 - Stonehearst Asylum (2014)

A recent medical school grad who takes a position at a mental institution soon finds himself taken with one of his colleagues -- though he has no initial idea of a recent, horrifying staffing change. [Details]

23rd October 2014 - V/H/S: Viral (2014)

Follows fame-obsessed teens who unwittingly become stars of the next internet sensation. [Details]