Epic : Movie Review

Generic and forgettable - those are the two words that immediately come to mind to describe Chris Wedge's first solo outing as an animated feature film director. (With Carlos Saldanha, he created Ice Age). What makes matters worse is that Epic isn't just a mediocre family film, it's a mediocre kids' film. Although the basic story is too juvenile and simplistic to entertain anyone with an age in the double-digit range, the themes and underlying ideas are too complicated to capture the attention of someone younger. Young children are as likely to be bored as engaged by the mundane, repetitive action. The 3-D may keep them interested and there are a few pretty animated sequences but the movie as a whole feels rushed and unremarkable. Its placement in the summer box office sweepstakes indicates that Fox has little faith in the product.

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Author : James Berardinelli