Y tu mamá también (2001) - Synopsis

Y tu mamá también - synopsis headingThe lives of Julio and Tenoch, like the lives of most seventeen-year old boys, are controlled by their hormones, their friendship, and by their headlong rush into adulthood.

During a festive afternoon with their families, they meet Luisa, a twenty-eight year old Spaniard, and flirt with her with all the style and grace seventeen-year old boys are known for. As a joke, they invite her to accompany them on a road trip to a beach called Boca del Cielo ("Heaven's Mouth"), neglecting to mention that they wouldn't know where to find it, even if it did actually exist. Luisa humors the boys, they go their separate ways, and the incident is quickly forgotten.

Luisa, however, receives some heartbreaking news, and in need of a change in her environment, tracks the boys down and accepts their offer. The three hit the road together, their destination not so much Boca del Cielo, but that strange, elusive place in our lives where innocence, sexuality, and friendship collide, and adulthood lies in wait to pick up the pieces.

With the intimate, personal story of Y tu mamá también (2001) director Alfonso Cuarón and his collaborator, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki (who together gave us Little Princess, A (1995) and Great Expectations (1998)) combine their acclaimed visual poetry with raucous laughter, searing eroticism and ultimately, a profound sadness for a particular moment time, and how it was lived, and lost.