Jian gui (2002) - Synopsis

At the age of two, Mun went blind. Eighteen years later, a new and risky coreal transplant operation restores her vision; but a series of inexplicable events lead her to believe there is more than meets the eye to her new-found gift of sight. Mysterious black-clad figures seem to foreshadow sudden deaths, and horribly disfigured denizens haunt her everyday existence. Unable to define her own identity, she comes to understand that whenever she looks into a mirror she doesn't see herself but instead she sees another woman: Ling, the original owner of the corneas. These nightmarish visions are driving Mun insane. Desperate to uncover the truth, Mun visits Ling's old village in Northern Thailand. It seems that Mun has inherited Ling's fate and the misery that comes with the ability to see more than one wants to see. Is her fate predetermined or does she have the courage and the strength to change the future?