Bangrajan (2000) - Details

AKA : Bang Rajan
AKA : Legend of the Village Warriors


"Bang Rajan" is the story of 11 villagers that became legend when they took up arms in a futile battle against the mighty Burmese army. In 1763 A.D. King Mang Ra ascended to the Burmese throne. He began his reign by suppressing rebellions within Burmese territory. But the Burmese provincial chiefs flout the King's authority. For this reason, King Mang Ra is forced to invade his rival Ayudhya's territory to diminish her authority. En route to Ayudhya's territory, the King's troops are ambushed and defeated by a group of villagers from Bang Rajan. News of the Burmese defeats spread quickly, rousing villagers kingdom-wide to take up arms and fight the Burmese.


Action / Drama / War