Date: 11th July 2017

Ripley Appearance in Alien Prequels Still Possible, Says Ridley Scott.

Alien: Covenant director Ridley Scott said in response to a fan question that Sigourney Weaver’s original Alien series character Ripley could still make an appearance in the prequels, possibly with the help of de-aging CGI. Scott also addressed the idea that Ripley could turn out to be related to another character who has already been introduced in the prequels, or is waiting to be introduced.

After decades away from the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott took back creative control of the series with the 2012 film Prometheus, a prequel that explored a mysterious race of beings called Engineers who were revealed to be both the creators and potential destroyers of humanity.

In addition to teasing Ripley’s return with some CGI assistance, Scott tosses off a revelation about Ripley’s lineage. He also addresses the idea that the new Alien movies will at some point tie in directly with the original 1979 movie.

Source: Press Release