Date: 20th May 2020

Tom Hanks' Greyhound Will Skip Theaters and Go Straight to Streaming on Apple TV+.

Tom Hank'' WWII movie Greyhound is skipping theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic and will stream directly through Apple TV+ instead.

As the global health crisis continues, studios have been forced to make dramatic changes to their upcoming release slates. In most cases, they've elected to move the films they originally had scheduled for this spring and summer to a later date, in the hopes theaters will be reopen for business by then.

"Greyhound", which Hanks wrote and stars in, will premiere on Apple TV+ instead of being released theatrically. The film was originally part of Sony Pictures' theatrical calendar and would've hit theaters on June 19 for Father's Day weekend. The film's Apple TV+ premiere date has not been announced.

Hanks wrote Greyhound and plays a Us Navy captain who must shepherd a convoy stalked by Nazi U-boats.

As of today, Apple has officially acquired Greyhound and plans to premiere it directly on Apple TV+. The film had already changed release dates a couple times prior to the pandemic (first from March 2019 to May 2020, then a month later to June 12), but will now skip theaters entirely after Apple spent a reported $70 million to acquire it from Sony.

Source: Press Release