Date: 21st June 2001

Vin's Cuban Embarrassment

Movie star VIN DIESEL escaped an embarrassing penniless vacation when he was rescued by a rich fan.

The SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (1998) actor foolishly forgot to take cash with him on a recent trip to Cuba, leaving instead with a wallet full of bank cards - useless in the communist country.

Diesel says, "I didn't think I needed cash because I thought I could go anywhere in the world and use my credit cards. So stupid. It's amazing that you can go to another country and you are powerless. Anyway, we charge up this bill and no-one knows me and then this couple, one gentleman from Tel Aviv that was like selling arms or something and this lady that was sort of this Saudi Arabian princess, had seen me in PITCH BLACK (2000) the night before. His girlfriend gave us the money for everything and for our tickets home. She couldn't believe we were down there and we had a blast and the next day she came to our rescue. " (KL&DA/WN/KW)

Source: WENN