Date: 4th February 2022

Dakota Johnson To Play Madame Web For Sony Pictures Marvel Movie.

Dakota Johnson is in talks to star in Sony’s "Madame Web", which follows yet another character in the studio's extended universe of Marvel characters.

The Marvel Comics character is a clairvoyant mutant who specializes in predicting the future of Spider-themed superheroes and is usually depicted as a blind, paralyzed old woman surrounded by a web-like machine necessary to keep her alive.

Johnson emerged as the top choice for the role after Sony began looking at a number of prominent actresses, and talks are now underway to get her to sign on the dotted line.S.J. Clarkson, one of the most accomplished TV directors of the last decade, is on board to helm the film. Clarkson has some previous experience in the Marvel world, having directed episodes of "Jessica Jones" and "The Defenders" for Netflix.

For those who may be unfamiliar, the character of Madame Web first debuted in "The Amazing Spider-Man" #210 as a supporting character who was created by Denny O'Neil and John Romita Sr. A pretty unique character to say the least, Cassandra Webb was the first woman to take up the mantle. She is generally depicted as an elderly woman with a neuromuscular disease known as myasthenia gravis, which necessitates her being hooked up to a life support system which just so happens to look like a spiderweb. As far as powers go, she has telepathy, precognition, and a sizable intellect. Because an elderly woman not fighting criminals might be boring, the report notes that the project "could turn into something else." In other words, some big changes might be made in adapting the character for the screen.

Source: Press Release