Date: 6th November 2000

Leo Proves Hard To Catch

Production on new thriller CATCH ME IF YOU CAN has been thrown into doubt - thanks to its temperamental leading star.

Hunky LEONARDO DiCAPRIO was due to take the lead in the movie about a criminal who became the youngest man ever to end up on America's Ten Most Wanted list - but the TITANIC star has backed out of the project, leaving a question mark over the entire production.

DREAMWORKS had hoped to start filming the movie next March (01), in order to avoid the expected actor's strike. But production on DiCaprio's current project, the SCORSESE-helmed GANGS OF NEW YORK, is running two weeks over schedule, and the actor is reluctant to jump straight into another project.

DreamWorks is hoping to salvage the picture, and is currently in
negotiations with DiCaprio to make it his first post-strike project.

But the studio might find itself with a few other problems if it
decides to stall. The film's other star, JAMES GANDOLFINI, is also set to back out, as he can only work on the flick during a break from his regular stint on the TV show, THE SOPRANOS.

Source: WENN



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