Date: 8th November 2000

Spielberg Pulls Out Of Anne Frank Film

Hollywood super-director STEVEN SPIELBERG has ditched plans to turn the life of Holocaust heroine ANNE FRANK into a TV movie - after complaints from her family.

A relative of the teenage girl, who hid from Nazis in an attic for two years and died in a concentration camp, wrote to the Jewish director asking him to abandon the project - because the book it was based on was not an authorised account of Anne's life.

The SCHINDLER'S LIST director's spokesman says, "The film will still go ahead but Steven will not be involved. As soon as Steven heard the book was not based on an original source he decided he didn't want to take part. "He did not want to do anything that would upset a relative of Anne Frank or harm her memory." (NFA/WNTEX)

Source: WENN