Date: 9th November 2000

…So Are South Park's Creators

In an interview with the online magazine Salon, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who have agreed to produce a new live-action sitcom about the presidential family called Family First for Comedy Central, said that the tight finish was, in Parker's words, "great for us, for the show." Regardless of the final outcome, they pointed out, "we're going to have a president that literally half the country doesn't want in there." Parker explained that, as he and Stone saw it, the contest was between two "big dorks" -- either of which would make an ideal character for their sitcom. "With Gore it was about a big dork trying to run Washington. And with Bush it was about a big-fish-out-of-water dork trying to run Washington." (By the way, Parker and Stone both indicated that they didn't vote.)

Source: Studio Briefing



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