Date: 20th November 2000

Schiffer: I'm A serious Actress Now

German supermodel CLAUDIA SCHIFFER has hit back at criticisms of her first-ever acting role.

The sexy blonde is refusing to take any flak for her performance in BLACK AND WHITE, which hit cinema screens in Britain this weekend (18/19NOV00) - despite some critics poking fun at her performance. She says, "They think I'm going into acting for the wrong reasons, that I'm just doing it for fun. But I am working hard at it - and it is hard work - and I'm enjoying it. "I'm well aware I'm not going to get any Oscars for this. I'm only starting out and I've got a lot to learn.

Most of the scripts I've had cast me as a model. But what's the point of just playing a beautiful woman? I wanted something I could actually act." She candidly admits, "The fact is I'm 30 and have to recognise I can't be a model for ever." (KW/WNTST/CPT)

Source: WENN



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