Date: 14th December 2000

Damon & Cruz Never Had Time To Fall In Love

MATT DAMON denies he and co-star PENELOPE CRUZ were ever romantically linked - though he'd have been happy to give it a go if they had the time.

Tabloid newspapers reported the ALL THE PRETTY HORSES co-stars had become involved after filming the movie, and their obvious joy at seeing one another at the movie's premiere in New York this week (11DEC00) set tongues wagging again. But Damon has set the record straight.

He says, "She's a very dear friend, but unfortunately we haven't had any time to be together. She went off to make CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN and since November (00) I've been in Europe filming THE BOURNE IDENTITY. "It was wonderful seeing her at the premiere, even just for a bit. But in terms of a relationship it would be the worst in the world, getting together ten minute a year." (SVD/LADN/NFA)

Source: WENN