Date: 31st March 2001

Murderer Obsessed With Claire Danes

A twisted woman serving a 20-year-prison sentence for killing a teenage girl was obsessed with ROMEO + JULIET (1996) actress CLAIRE DANES.

CAROLINE REED ROBERTSON, 21, murdered dancer RACHEL BARBER, 15, in 1999, and now police in Melbourne, Australia, have discovered that she had dozens of photos of Danes, 21, and planned plastic surgery to look like her.

Rachel's friends and family are shaken by how much her killer resembled Danes. They even have a chilling photo of her wearing a white dress identical to the one Danes wore in the movie. Worse still, police say they found notes by the murderer saying she wanted to assume Rachel's identity and have liposuction. (SVD/TS/CPT)

Source: WENN