Date: 2nd April 2001

Johnny Depp Wages War On Drugs At Viper Rooms

JOHNNY DEPP has waged a war on drugs at his Hollywood nightspot THE VIPER ROOMS ever since movie star RIVER PHOENIX died from drugs on the pavement outside the club from drugs on 31 October 1993.

Depp, who admits to years of drug taking himself, was working behind the bar the night Phoenix died, but hates the way the tragedy has left The Viper Rooms under a constant cloud of drugs.

Depp says, "The club took a lot of heat for something it had nothing to do with." And Depp, who has now passed the management of the club over to his childhood pal SAL JENCO, says he'll still personally take action if he ever sees anyone taking drugs there, recalling a time a couple of years ago when he threw two patrons out when he discovered them preparing to snort cocaine in the lavatories. He says, "After what happened to River, that they thought it was okay to do that really put me in a hideous rage." (LE/LADN/PDD)

Source: WENN