Date: 15th September 2000

Elfman Takes Her Kisses Whilst She Can

Actress JENNA ELFMAN makes a point of kissing her hunky co-stars like GEORGE CLOONEY - whether or not the script calls for it.

The KEEPING THE FAITH star made sure she secured a passionate kiss with 'Gorgeous' George when auditioning for a movie role, and employed the same tactic with EDTV co-star MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY - even though she is a happily married woman.

She says, "I just decided that if I don't book this part, I'm not walking away saying I couldn't kiss George!

I did it with Matthew for EdTV too. I planted one on him saying, 'I'm not going to miss the opportunity to kiss this guy.'"

And she maintains her husband actor BODHI ELFMAN isn't offended by her naughty habit.

She adds, "
My intention is humour - not because I actually lust after them. Bodhi's like, 'Good for you, honey!'"


Source: WENN