Date: 17th September 2000

King Keeps Father's Identity Secret For Half-Siblings Sake

STEPHEN KING knows the life story of his father who left him when he was two-years-old - but will never reveal his identity as he wants to save his half-siblings the pain.

The multi-million selling horror writer grew up with just his mother after his dad went out for a drink and never returned - and now he has discovered what happened to him he is keeping it quiet. Stephen says, "My father, it turns out, apparently died in Pennsylvania in the mid-80s. We even have some pictures. He had started a new family - three boys and a girl. My half brothers and my sister. They don't know of my existence and I think that's the way it should be.

The woman my father married was a Brazilian - very beautiful from the pictures I saw - and it's reasonable to assume she was Catholic. In that case, bigamy is a very serious thing, and it would have serious consequences for those children and I couldn't bring them that knowledge."


Source: WENN



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