Date: 23rd July 2001

Charles Manson's Songs To Feature In Hollywood Film

Songs by 60s religious cult leader CHARLES MANSON are to be used in a Hollywood film about his life. The infamous American wrote THEY SAY I'M NO GOOD, EGO, and SICK CITY as he plotted to kill celebrities in real-life - and now the songs will be heard for the first time ever in new $40 million (31 million) movie HELTER SKELTER.

Royalties will go to relatives of the victims of the killing spree carried out by Manson's cult THE FAMILY in 1969. Manson was jailed for life two years later (1971).

Among The Family's victims was SHARON TATE, the pregnant wife of film director ROMAN POLANSKI. Music industry figures were also targeted after record producer TERRY MELCHER refused to sign Manson to his label. KURT FETHKE - chief executive at PLATINUM FILMS, the company behind the film - says he doesn't want the movie to glamorise Manson but that the music was central to the story.

"Manson chose the house where his followers killed Tate because he knew Terry Melcher had lived there," Fethke explains. (KW/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN