Date: 8th July 2003

Posh's movie role

Victoria Beckham has landed her first Hollywood film role . . . But she will need acting lessons before she starts.
After months in which her public image has been as little more than consort to husband David during his high-profile visits to Japan and Spain, the 29-year-old is poised to sign a lucrative deal that could propel her back into the limelight.

Her role in a forthcoming remake of Mel Brooks' classic 1968 comedy The Producers is a closely guarded secret but the former Spice Girl will be hoping that it will lend her the transatlantic fame which has proved so elusive.

Victoria, aka Posh Spice, recently spent five days in New York trying to raise her profile in the US but to little avail.

The singer, whose acting credits stretch no further than playing herself in the 1997 British film Spice World, will visit the US again later this year and has agreed to have lessons with an acting coach.

The Courier-Mail

Source: Press Release