Date: 14th October 2004

Jude thankful for Clint's advice

Jude Law credits advice offered by Clint Eastwood with helping propel him to superstar status in Hollywood.

The British Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow star cherishes the time he spent working alongside Eastwood in 1997 film Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil because the veteran's words of wisdom gave Law the confidence to succeed in the tough industry.

He said: "I worked with him in 1997 and he said, 'You've got the job - now deliver the goods. Don't be bowled over by the fact you've got the job, because if you are, then you won't be able to perform. Just believe you've been given the role you deserve and go from there.'"

However, Law insists his dad has had a great impact on his life on a personal level reports

He adds: "He told me two things. First, 'Do what you do well and no one will touch you.' And the other was, 'If you're going to be late, enjoy being late.'"

Source: Press Release