Date: 9th March 2005

Robin to play Mrs Doubfire again

Robin Williams has agreed to star in the sequel of Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Director Bonnie Hunt is writing a sequel to the 1993 comedy reports

He said: "They're trying to write it. Bonnie Hunt is writing it, and I think that if she can do it right, it'll be OK. If they don't do it right, it's not worth doing it. You've got to find a way of doing the character.

How do you take it on after so long? You've got to be able to do her, do the character; why is she dressing up again, and how did she get away with it?

"The first one was so much fun because the conceit was pretty good and the make-up was great. The really good news now is that make-up has come along. The make-ups have just gotten better and better."

Source: Press Release