Date: 5th October 2000

Kate Waits For Baby To Be Induced

Actress KATE WINSLET will have to have her baby induced if she does not give birth by this weekend (08OCT00).

The TITANIC star was due to give birth to her first baby with husband JIM THREAPLETON on the 25 September (00) - but is still sporting her bump. And a gynaecologist says if the baby doesn't come naturally by Sunday it will need some encouragement from doctors. He says, "When a baby is 14 days past its due date it is normal practice to induce the baby, as this is safest for the baby and the mother.

So if Kate is not in hospital giving birth this weekend she will have to go on Monday (09OCT00) and be seen by a midwife. "She certainly looks ready to have the baby and probably can't wait as things are definitely getting uncomfortable for her with the weight of the baby and the associated discomfort found in the later stages of pregnancy."

A friend of Kate's confirms she is eagerly awaiting the baby's arrival, saying, "She looks ready to burst and can't wait to hold her first child in her arms. She has loved being pregnant but just wants the baby to be born now." (CB/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN