Robert Taylor - Details


Taylor is an Australian who works regularly in the United States, England and his home country, most notably in The Matrix, which was shot in Sydney, Australia.

Taylor grew up in and around Melbourne and northwestern Australia. He was accepted into the Naval Academy and was set for a career at sea until he realized that he didn’t like being told what to do. He next went briefly to law school, then spent several years in a variety of jobs, from beach inspector to offshore oil rig worker. After seeing a newspaper advertisement for drama school auditions, he applied and was successful.

In addition to The Matrix, his films include Vertical Limit, Steel Justice, Brotherhood of the Rose and First Daughter and the Australian films Stingers, Good Guys Bad Guys and The Last Bullet. His television dramas include the acclaimed miniseries Paperman, the 10 telemovies comprising The Feds,and series such as Blue Heelers and Wildside.

In England, he worked with Vertical Limit's director of photography, David Tattersall, on Yellowthread Street, the Yorkshire television series.

Robert Taylor lives in Melbourne and also has a home in Bondi, Sydney.