Vie sexuelle des Belges 1950-1978, La (1994) - Details

AKA : Seksuele Leven der Belgen, Het
AKA : Sexual Life of the Belgians, The
AKA : Vie sexuelle des Belges, La

Vie sexuelle des Belges 1950-1978, La

This movie is more than an autobiography, it is also the story of some Belgian youth during the sixties. Jan Bucquoy, the main character, is born in the provincial town of Harelbeke in Belgium. He discovers sex with a girl who has a surname "sale culotte" (French) and by accident during a party when he is trapped in company of a girl, which leaves him with a feeling of frustration. This is a bad start for his sexual life ! He is however encouraged by his aunt who accompanies him to the movies, where he learns about real life, and by his female teacher, to become a writer against the will of his mother who wants him in the factory where his father works. He leaves Harelbeke for Brussels where he takes part in manifestations at the university against the war in Vietnam. There he meets his future wife. He is forced to marry her because she becomes pregnant but soon after he has to divorce when she discovers that he spends his nights in the company of his (again) female teacher of Marxism who reads in "Das Kapital", completely naked in her bed. Then starts a life with different women which again leaves him with a feeling of frustration. He realizes now how happy he was as a child in the arms of his mother - which is the starting image of the movie -. At the end, in a magnificent scene with the music by Peter Benoît, he is forgiven by his mother on her death-bed by the angel of consolation. The numerous comic sketches make this film very funny, but it is never vulgar.

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