Man In The Iron Mask, The (1998) - Details

The Man in the Iron Mask is set in 17th century France and features the Four Musketeers - "one for all and all for one". During the reign of King Louis XIV, the so-called "Sun King" has decreed himself the center of the universe - even when his subjects are starving in the streets. Louis' captain of the guards, the most famous of the musketeers, D'Artagnan must be on extra guard if he hopes to counter any attempts of assasination on the king due to the attitude of Louis. However to complicate the plot, Aramis (one of the four musketeers) who's now a priest is haunted by his secret knowledge that the king has a twin, Philippe languishing in the Bastille, his head locked inside an iron mask that conceals his regal visage. So the three aging, but still useful musketeers embark on a mission to free the kings twin from his prison, whisk him away and teach him the rudiments of regal life in a bid to switch him with the king, all for the good of France. This causes a conflict, one which will pitch the three musketeers up against their close friend D'Artagnan. Once this fast-and-furious sequence kicks into high gear, "The Man in the Iron Mask" builds enough momentum to coast through its climactic revelations.

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