Douglas Milsome, BSC - Details


In his long and varied career, Doug Milsome has received numerous accolades for his extensive work in film and television. Milsome was nominated for two Emmy Awards and received the ASC Award for CBS's "Lonesome Dove" and "Loneseome Dove II, The Return", the latter of which he was a director. He also received an Academy Award nomination and the British Critics Circle Award for his work on Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. Milsome also received a British Film Institute award for camera operation on the original Highlander.

Milsome has worked extensively with many top film directors including Stanley Kubrick (Full Metal Jacket and The Shining), Michael Cimino (Desperate Hours and Sunchaser), Kevin Reynolds (The Beast and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) and Michael Mann (Last of the Mohicans). M ilsome's other film credits include Body of Evidence, Breakdown, Hawks, Sunset Grill and Highlander- End Game.

Milsome also has several television credits to his name including "Glory and Honor" on TNT, "Liz" The Liz Taylor story for NBC, "Diana: Her True Story" for NBC, "Great Expectations" and "The Old Curiosity Shop," both for the Disney Channel, and "Seasons of the Heart" for Showtime.
BRYCE PERRIN (Production Designer)
Australian-born Bryce Perrin has over 15 years of experience in production design, art direction and set design. Most recently, he designed Fox 2000's horror-comedy Ravenous, starring Robert Carlyle and Guy Pearce, for director Antonia Bird. His other production designer credits include such critically-acclaimed independent productions as Sound of One Hand Clapping, which debuted at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival; Kiss of Fire for director Antonio Tibaldi, Nevada, and the Icelandic adventure The Viking Sagas. He has also served as art director and set decorator on a number of other notable productions, including Legends of The Fall," El Patrullero; Old Gfingo and Walker.