Date: 11th November 2021

Jake Gyllenhaal And Director Doug Liman May Team Up For Road House Remake.

Jake Gyllenhaal is reportedly in talks to star while "Edge of Tomorrow" and "Go" helmer Doug Liman is circling to direct the upcoming remake of cult 1989 action classic "Road House" at MGM.

While a production start date has not been set, MGM higher-ups reportedly see the project as a priority for the studio. No deals have been signed with Gyllenhaal or Liman yet, though the two are in active talks.

Should both Gyllenhaal and Liman sign on, the "Road House" remake would mark the first collaboration between the actor and director. The pair already have busy schedules ahead, with Gyllenhaal set to begin shooting Guy Ritchie's Afghanistan War thriller "The Interpreter" and Liman gearing up for production on his adventure film "Everest".

The original 1989 Road House starred Patrick Swayze and was set at The Double Deuce, a sleazy music bar in the small town of Jasper, Missouri, "the kind of place where they sweep up the eyeballs after closing". The owner, tired of his joint being wrecked by muscle-bound "power drinkers" and provocative bimbos, hires the best bouncer in the business (Swayze) to cool things down. Famously, he starts off charming but doesn't hesitate to take extreme throat-ripping measures when pushed to his limit.

Source: Press Release