Date: 19th November 2000

Schwarzenegger: Third Terminator Will Be A She

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has revealed a big twist about TERMINATOR 3 - this time around, the assassination machine from the future will be a girl.

The 6TH DAY star says the new terminator will be very elusive, but as yet there are no big female names linked to the project. He says, "She can disappear, she can mould into someone else, and she is sometimes just an energy." Schwarzenegger recently ordered the script rewritten for the third time.

He continues, "The two drafts I read were so big that it would have cost $300 million (200 million) to make it. "I don't think we need to see a 747 crash-land into all those buildings in downtown L.A. I think we can do it on a football field somewhere so that it doesn't cost that much." (MB/WNWC/CPT)

Source: WENN