Date: 11th January 2001

No Go For Ghostbusters 3

Plans for a third instalment of GHOSTBUSTERS have definitively been shelved by IVAN REITMAN.

The Czech-born director, who is currently producing his new thriller-flick KILLING ME SOFTLY with HEATHER GRAHAM and JOSEPH FIENNES, said that the lack of a good new script shipwrecked the making of the follow up to his GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) and GHOSTBUSTERS 2 (1989).

He says, "I don't think Ghostbusters III is gonna be made. We've never been able to get the script right and so we've never ever been able to get the deal with the studios together. And then the combination of the two is too hard to overcome. If we had a good script, we would have made a deal. "Probably if there had been a deal made, perhaps it would have encouraged a good script to get written. But neither really happened. It was really all speculation and internet-stuff.

So Ghostbusters 2 is definitively the last spooky adventure of the ghostbusters BILL MURRAY, DAN AYKROYD and HAROLD RAMIS." (ELD/PDD)

Source: WENN



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