Date: 23rd October 2000

Charlie's Angel Denies Hitting Murray

Actress LUCY LIU has denied she hit out at her CHARLIE'S ANGELS co-star BILL MURRAY during the filming of the new movie.

The sexy ALLY McBEAL star has admitted to 'creative differences' between her and the veteran comic actor - but denies reports their disagreement ever became physical. She says, "The rumours started going crazy that I swung at him. This guy is like 6ft 2ins (1.90 metres). I wasn't going to pull out kung-fu on him!"

And Liu, who stars with CAMERON DIAZ and DREW BARRYMORE in the film, says she remains on good terms with the GHOSTBUSTERS star. She says, "When I saw the movie, I called him up and left him a message and told him how wonderful he was." (CPT/WNWCAN/JM)

Source: WENN



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