Date: 24th May 2002

Cameron Diaz reluctantly signs up for the sequel to Charlie's Angels.

Cameron Diaz has been reluctant to sign up for the sequel to Charlie's Angels (2000). But the persuasive power of a $20 million offer from producers had nothing to do with her change of heart it was friendship and an excellent script that persuaded her to reprise her role.
'I knew that I wanted to work with the girls again, but I wasn't sure that I would want to do it in Charlie's Angels,' she said. 'I don't like to revisit things much.' So what was it about the blockbuster sequel's script that really tipped the balance? 'I saw it was totally fun and it reminded me of how much fun we had and how great it was,' she explains, blondly. So what about all those alleged on-set bust-ups between Diaz and co-stars Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore? Is Diaz still playing them down, or is she pre-empting any potential clashes on the new film? Time will tell.

Source: Press Release



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