Date: 29th January 2001

Matthew McConaughey's Goat Sacrifice

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY celebrated last New Year's Eve by sacrificing a goat and burying it in the ground.

The star of THE WEDDING PLANNER, who has spent the last few months living on his newly purchased Texas ranch he bought complete with livestock, says he celebrated the New Year by killing a goat and cooking it in the ground. The sexy actor says, "We dug a six foot (1.96 metre) hole in the ground next to the fire we always light at night. You wrap the pieces of marinated goat in potato sacks, cover them with coals then cover them with dirt." "We did that 11 o'clock New Year's Eve then four o'clock New Year's Day you dig it up and there's this most beautiful meat, it's falling off the bone it's so tender."

And McConaughey, who spends all his free time on the remote ranch, says having so many animals about means he'll never go hungry. He adds, "We have a lot of meat out there on the ranch, if you want something you go and kill it and you eat it that night. You just have to make sure you stock up on vegetables." (LE/WNV/MCM)

Source: WENN