Date: 8th September 2000

Ellen's Gay Lover Falls Into The Arms Of A Man

merican comedienne ELLEN DEGENERES is shattered after finding her former lesbian lover ANNE HECHE has found comfort in the arms of a man - just two weeks after their split.

Friends of the couple say PSYCHO star Heche, who dated Degeneres for over three years, has fallen for NICK CASSAVETES, the director of her new movie JOHN Q.

A source close to Degeneres told the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, "Ellen went berserk when she heard that Anne was romantically involved with Nick.

She was crying and carrying on like there was no tomorrow,
ranting, 'How could she do this to me? How could she?'"

And despite friends' attempts to lift her spirits, distraught
Degeneres is unable to cope with the idea of Heche with a man -
especially since she ran into Heche having coffee with a male
friend in the cafe of their favourite clothes store.

An eyewitness says, "
Ellen's jaw dropped when she caught sight of Anne. She just couldn't believe Anne would have the nerve to go to a place that was one of their favourite haunts - especially with a guy who was once their mutual friend." (LE/TS/RC)

Source: WENN