Date: 10th September 2000

Ellen Pulls Out of Event Because Anne's There

Comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES is so upset about her split with actress ANNE HECHE she can't even be in the same room as her ex-lover.

DeGeneres and the DONNIE BRASCO actress were both due to appear at Friday's (08SEP00) LUCY AWARDS in Hollywood, as their joint project IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK TWO was being honoured.

But DeGeneres decided if her ex-lover Heche was attending the event she'd find it too tough to be there too. However, Heche insists there's no bad feelings. She says, "I hope this turns out to be the best for both Ellen and me. It's a sad thing when a relationship breaks up but we're both doing great."

Heche refused to elaborate on her bizarre behaviour - when she was found wandering around a rural highway dressed in her underwear, mumbling "bizarre" things immediately following the announcement of her break up with Ellen last month (AUG00).


Source: WENN