Date: 10th February 2001

Hopkins Loves to Terrify- Off Screen

SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS uses his terrifying HANNIBAL LECTER character to terrify kids he meets in elevators.

The actor admits he's thrilled that people are scared of him now that he's back as Lecter in the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS sequel HANNIBAL - and he's using their fear to have a little fun. Hopkins first saw the movie with an audience last night (08FEB01) in New York and admits he deliberately increased tension in the audience.

He says, "I crept in and sat at the back and watched everyone jumping. At one point I leaned forward and whispered, `Are you enjoying the film?' in Lecter's voice. The person in front was terrified." And Hopkins is also finding he only has to stand in elevators to scare the wits out of hotel guests. He explains, "This woman and her son got in and I was standing towards the back of the lift. Her son said it reminded him of Hannibal Lecter's glass cage in Silence of The Lambs and at that point the lady turned round, saw me and screamed. "The poor boy was terrified. He's probably scarred for life." (KL/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN