Date: 17th April 2001

Spy Plane Crew Ponders Possible Movie Portrayal

The recently released crew members of America's detained spy plane are enjoying their new-found fame - by planning who'll play them in the movie.

The 24 men and women were detained on a Chinese island for 11 days, sparking a diplomatic incident between the two international powers, but were finally returned to their home base on Whidbey Island, Washington, on Saturday (14APR01). "I'm torn between RUSSELL CROWE and MATT DAMON.
Either one would be an honour,"
mission commander LT. SHANE OSBORN told America's Fox News Channel.

Osborn joked that "CARROT TOP could play LT. J.G. JEFF VIGNERY," who is a redhead. "I was thinking RON HOWARD would be interesting," Vignery responded. There is no word yet on whether a film of the episode is being planned. (NFA/WNWCNT/KW)

Source: WENN



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