Date: 1st May 2001

Nicole Kidman Heard About Cruise Split Through His Reps

Shocked NICOLE KIDMAN found out husband TOM CRUISE was leaving her through his representatives.

A friend of the Australian beauty claims a furious Kidman, who was "amazed" when she heard her husband wanted to end their 10-year marriage, is still fuming over the fact Cruise didn't even break the news in person.

Instead he had his representatives call Kidman to tell her she was dumped and, later, getting divorced. The pal adds, "Nicole said they were having problems in the marriage, mainly about the kids. Nicole wants to raise the kids mostly in Australia and Catholic, he wants to raise them in Los Angeles and as Scientologists."

And the pal, who claims Kidman still has to go through Cruise's representatives to discuss what's happening with their children CONNOR and ISABELLA, insists Kidman believes Cruise might be cheating on her - as he dumped his first wife MIMI ROGERS in the same way.

The friend says, "Nicole's convinced Tom's got someone else, because when he divorced Mimi he was seeing her and he got his representatives to break that news too." Kidman, whose family flew out from Australia to comfort her when the news first broke, says her parents, especially her dad, are "very angry" with Cruise and are backing her fight to get a hefty divorce settlement. (LE/WNV/KMW)

Source: WENN