Date: 15th June 2001

Nick Moran Resuced From Ginger Perm

Sexy British actor NICK MORAN has decided to let his hair remain its natural brown colour - after toying with plans to dye it ginger and perm it.

The star of LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS (1998) who plays murder victim PERCY THOMPSON in ANOTHER LIfE (1999) - the real life story of EDITH THOMPSON and her lover FREDDIE BYWATERS who were hanged in 1923 for the murder of Edie's husband, says that he felt he should have dyed his hair for authenticity's sake.

Moran says, "I wanted to colour it, perm it and scrape it back. Very attractive! I was only talked out of it because I might have ended up looking like a SPIKE MILLIGAN caricature. Also, Natasha is a redhead - the colours would have clashed. " (LE/WNTEX/PDD)

Source: WENN