Date: 7th May 2002

Lucas Is A Hands-On Director, Insists Christensen

Hollywood actor Hayden Christensen insists Star Wars director
George Lucas is more than just a special effects merchant.
The sci-fi legend has a reputation for only offering two
directions to actors - "Faster" and "More intense" - but the 20-
year-old Canadian actor was pleasantly surprised by the level of
Lucas' commitment to the more intimate, emotional scenes.
Christensen, who is awaiting the release of Lucas' forthcoming
film Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002), in which he plays
Anakin Skywalker, reveals, "I had that understanding of his
reputation as a director."

"But he didn't give me that impression from working with him. On
one level I felt he was maybe a little more excited about this

"He was very specific with his direction and I was very insistent
that we had a constant line of communication, because he is the one who created all these characters and understands how they relate to each other."

"So you're asking questions of and getting direction from the
writer, the director and the visionary in this whole process."

Source: WENN